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SATRA UK and The CTC France were the third party accredited PPE Laboratories we used for our Motorcycle Glove Testing.

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A Higher Standard

MOTORCYCLE GLOVES BUILT TO A HIGHER STANDARD: TESTED AGAINST EN 13594:2002 The European CE Mark for "Professional Motorcycle Gloves"

As Motorcyclists we believe in performance, it's a fundamental part of our passion. We at Velocity Gear believe Motorcyclist Protection is more than simply wearing "gear"; it's about wearing products that are tested to perform. Like your neighbors Volvo or an Automobiles air bag, scientific testing has helped to produce a more effective product.

Recently, the CE mark for "Professional Motorcycle Gloves" has been seriously altered, in order to allow Mainstream Manufacturing, easy passage of these testing criteria. Make NO MISTAKE, the revised CE mark for Motorcycle Gloves has been seriously downgraded for the Industry, bottom line economics have become more important than maintaing a World Class testing criteria for Motorcycle Gloves.

Velocity Gear will continue to produce Motorcycle Gloves based on the Original CE mark of 2002, the most stringent testing criteria on Planet Earth for Motorcycle Gloves.

At Velocity Gear we believe scientific testing should be the baseline by which all Personal Safety Products should be judged regardless of where these guidelines may have originated or currently exist.

"...we believe scientific testing should be the baseline by which all Motorcyclist Personal Safety Products should be judged"

Velocity Gear set out to develop a glove chassis that would OUTPERFORM any other Motorcycle Glove on Planet Earth. We wanted to build motorcycle gloves that would successfully pass the defining portions of EN13594:2002 otherwise known as the "Professional Motorcycle Glove" CE Mark.

Some have said that current designs offered by the Industry would pass these testing standards and that the European CE testing requirement has no relevance to anyone outside the European Union.

In our opinion, any product that has been developed in conjunction with scientific testing, is a better product because of the testing process. CE testing for motorcyclists should be considered paramount, simply because the United States does not have personal protection standards in place, except for helmets..

Our first glove chassis was submitted to SATRA UK for testing and subsequently failed 3 of the 4 main physical testing requirements. Initially, our "best" glove, built to traditional Industry standards only passed abrasion resistance testing requirements. Our failure was highly unexpected and a serious setback to our glove development.

Abrasion resistance; was the easiest of the physical testing requirements to pass within EN13594. The question then becomes; how important is seam burst, tear resistance and cut resistance to motorcycle glove design? That depends entirely on you and the steps you take to stay protected while riding a motorcycle.

We can tell you from first hand experience that "typical" motorcycle gloves are not built using CE grade construction methods or materials. Does it matter? We were contacted by Van of after a recent track day left him.....altered, to put it mildly.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT! - This is what happens to a motorcycle glove when a Seam Bursts

While there are no guarantees as to how well you will be protected in a fall, we believe having products that have undergone rigorous scientific testing will better prepare you for when that happens. As they say, it's not if you'll fall, it's when!!

Cut Resistance, Tear Resistance and Seam Burst Resistance would prove to be the most difficult aspects of the European CE Mark for Professional Motorcyclist Gloves to pass successfully. These testing requirements individually, are not overly difficult to conquer. Unfortunately, it's the combination of these physical requirements that makes the overall glove construction process costly and time consuming. In addition, most attempts at a "CE" rated glove end up being overly bulky and uncomfortable. It's just one more aspect of glove design that most won't dare to consider.

The CE requirement for testing seams is somewhat flawed in our opinion. The procedure is to test the palm seam/complex specifically and only the palm. That leaves the entire rest of the glove to question. Instead, our bladder system tests every inch of our motorcycle glove chassis, not just one single seam. There's nothing held back or seams that aren't tested. In order to determine why our gloves were failing during seam burst tests we developed our own "in house" testing bladder for our glove development.

Does a CE tested motorcycle glove matter to you? We hope so, if motorcyclists are not buying motorcycle gloves for their protection, then why wear them? We believe the main reason motorcycle gloves are not currently built to these standards, is the cost. As with anything, performance isn't cheap. Our glove material costs have doubled in order to pass these testing requirements. We're willing to make that sacrifice in order to offer an Industry Leading Product.

We are so confident in our glove design and construction that our gloves come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects and workmanship. Additionally, if your glove is destroyed for any reason we'll replace it for half of its original purchase price, no questions asked.