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Motorcycle Body Armor has been a defining part of our Motorcycle riding progression. Progression, is directly related to ones ability to withstand the forces of impact, that come with progression.
We at Velocity Gear believe Motorcycle Body Armour is more than simply wearing "gear" it's about wearing products that are tested to perform.
What you should know about Motorcycle Armour and CE legitimacy.
Magazine/Customer Reviews
Don't be Fooled by Motorcycle Gloves.

Customer Reviews

" First impression of this product: it totally surpasses my expectations. Very well made, great fit, and the armor protection feels like it's in a totally different category than other stuff I've tried on at stores..."
" Without this gear I'd still be in the hospital, no doubt about it. this stuff works. the guys riding with me are all convinced too, they are all rushing out to buy the stuff..."
" Funny, when I bought my racer high end gloves a couple years ago I thought I was buying top protective gloves. These are a whole nother level..."
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About Us

VELOCITY GEAR is dedicated to the passion of two-wheeled motorsports. Started from the necessity to provide our family "real world" cost effective safety solutions.

We don't advertise in Motorcycle Magazines or spend thousands of dollars at Motorcycle Trade Shows. We prefer to put our money into product development and testing while pursuing European CE standards for Motorcycle Clothing. Current Motorcycling apparel built by the largest companies in the Industry do not see CE testing as a defining aspect of product development.
Our passion for the product is what drives us to bring our customers protective apparel that goes beyond Industry Standards. As long as we're riding motorcycles, we'll be developing products for our collective passion and future riding progression.